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MX transparent speaker cable is used to make the electrical connection between loudspeakers and audio amplifiers. MX speaker cable consists of two electrical conductors which are individually insulated. MX transparent speaker cable will transfer high quality sound signal without loss.

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SPEAKER CABLE – 15 MTRS = 16 AWG OD:3.5*7.0 MM

  • MX Transparent speaker cable for high quality audio signal transmission.
  • MX Transparent speaker cable uses a pure copper as a conductor which will maximize the signal transmission.
  • MX Transparent speaker cable is 16 AWG high quality speaker cable.
  • MX Transparent speaker cable has transparent body.
  • MX Transparent speaker cable has different color insulation on conductor which helps you to easily identify the correct polarity.
  • MX Speaker cables are designed to meet the requirements of professional audio for high-end sound quality in indoor and outdoor applications.
  • MX Transparent speaker cable is available in 15 meter roll.
  • MX Transparent speaker cable is durable.
  • MX Transparent speaker cable is flexible for faster and easier installation.
  • MX Transparent speaker cable is will provide safe and secure operation to your system.

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