MX 3 PIN POWER CORD (15 Amps) 40/38″ SWG. 1.8 Meters MX 569A MAXCORD

 369.49 excl. GST

MX Power cord with three pin Indian type plug. MX Power cord has been tested and provides safe Power to your electronic appliances. MX Power cord allows you to connect your electronic devices to your power outlets

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3 PIN POWER CORD (15Amps) 40/38″ SWG. 1.8MTR

  • MX Power cord allows you to connect your electronic appliances to your power outlets.
  • MX Power cord has 3 pin Indian type plug.
  • MX Power cord provides safe operation to your devices.
  • MX Power cord is durable.
  • MX Power cord is Easy to use.
  • MX Power cord has Indian type three pin plug.
  • MX Power cord is with ground connection pin.
  • MX Power cord has Attractive design.
  • MX Power cord is also suitable for heavy duty application.
  • MX Power cord is 40/38″ SWG 15 amp. power cord.

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