Wii Balance Board for Nintendo Wii Fit (TYW–1116)

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Brings multiple workout sessions
Lifestyle, Health, Youth and Form routines
Customization and personalization options Favourites list
Charting process
Progress tracker

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The Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board is what you need if you wish to follow a regular fitness routine to stay fit. This Nintendo Wii Fit Plus acts as your personal trainer, albeit a virtual one. The bundle consists of the game software as well as the Balance Board and recommends a number of activities to help you shed the extra pounds. You can either follow the routine that the game suggests for your problem areas and overall physique or personalize it according to your preferences. It is even possible to combine different workouts to form one single routine in the Wii Fit Plus to focus on multiple problem areas. The Nintendo Wii Fit Plus console includes four different categories such as Lifestyle, Health, Youth and Form featuring specifically-created routines. Your options in the Nintendo Wii Balance Board are endless and as you can create a unique, no-frill workout by combining Yoga and Strength Training activity. The Nintendo Wii Fit Plus Balance Board lets you go snowboarding or surfing virtually and records all your activities. A favourites list is automatically created to give you access to 10 activities which you use most frequently. Another way of ensuring you stay fit is to decide the number of calories you would like to burn in every workout session and the digital trainer you choose will make sure you achieve your goal.

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