MX 10 INCH SMX Series Active Speaker MX SMX 410A

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MX 10 INCH SMX Series Active Speaker

Powered PA Loudspeaker for the Serious Performer Introducing the SMX Series from MX, a family of powered loudspeakers precision engineered for even the most demanding scenarios, assuring premium sound preproduction and night after night reliability. Mx?s SMX 410A provides 500-watts of peak amplifier power driving a 2-way design with a 10-inch LF driver and high-quality HF compression driver with a precision crossover, an Integrated analog limiter and overload protection circuitry. The result? Superb clarity, versatile application and with minimal distortion guaranteed. Ideal for various uses such as mobile DJ?s, small venues, sports events and band practices, the SMX 410A is housed in a rugged, lightweight, easily transportable cabinet with rubber feet. The trapezoidal shape enables either upright or wedge monitor positioning and the full-sized steel grille gives complete driver protection. These speakers are built for continuous heavy-duty use. Add to that a full complement of inputs/outputs and mounting options and its easy to see that the SMX 410A plays an indispensable role in your performance.


  •  Active 2-Way Crossover
  •  Balanced MIC input with levelcontrol
  •  Balanced LINE input with level control
  •  Balanced LINE output
  •  Treble + Bass Controls + Master Volume
  •  Heavy duty Polypropylene cabinet
  •  Carefully tuned sound
  •  Perfect for permanent installations
  •  Perfect for Portable use (Rental, DJ, …)
  •  High power 10″ Woofer
  •  High power 1.35″ Compression Driver
  •  Built-in Rigging points
  •  Built-in 35mm stand adapter
  •  Heavy duty rubber feet

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