MX 12″ Portable multimedia speaker system MX 3712 2DS

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MX 12″ Portable multimedia speaker system

This pair of tower speakers has a wide range of applications both for home and professional use, but perhaps their best application would be for a karaoke party. The speakers are durable and easy to move around thanks to the handles molded into the top and the sides of each unit. They can be moved in and out of storage or from the corner into the center of the room with ease. Their stylish design makes them pleasant decorative features in any setting and the wireless microphone that come with the set means they are just begging to start a karaoke jam session. They have onboard controls and facilities that make them an entire music system.


EASILY CONNECTABLE: MX has your convenience in mind! Bluetooth may be your favorite connection, and we understand, but there are times when other options are needed. MX Sound has jam-packed this ultimate party speaker with connections to ensure you have every option you need. Offering USB, SD and AUX Inputs. It also features Dual Microphone Jacks for your wired microphone, or your opt for using the included Dual Wireless Microphone and feel free to move around.
DUAL LAYER REACTIVE PARTY LIGHTS: The Party never stops while this speakers light show is wowing your guests! There are two layers of individually reactive lights which change colors and move to the rhythm of your favorite tracks. While you may have had other party lights in the past, this speaker is sure to amaze and entertain with it’s unique style and brilliant lights.
 STRONG CLEAR BRILLIANT SOUND: This speaker won’t impress you with it’s size alone. The 12 inch Double Subwoofers offer a thunderous and thrilling power of this speaker will ensure that your guests will be moved by the music even if they lean against the walls! Adjustable Treble, Bass, Echo and Volume levels allow you to set the music just right.
TOP MOUNTED CONTROLS: The top panel controls in this unit add an ease of use that you will truly enjoy! No bending over or having to hover behind your unit to control most of the sound settings. The only controls located in the back are AUX input, Main Power Switch and Power Input.

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