MX 2 x RCA male / 2 x 3-pin mic male XLR cord 1.5 mtr MX 3912

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The MX 2 x RCA male / 2 x 3-pin mic male XLR cord is a versatile solution for audio connectivity. With dual RCA male connectors and 2 x 3-pin mic male XLR connectors, this cable is designed to meet the demands of both audio devices and microphones in professional setups. The 1.5m length offers flexibility in positioning, making it an ideal choice for various audio applications.

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  • Dual Connectivity: Equipped with 2 x RCA male connectors for audio devices.
  • Microphone Compatibility: Features 2 x 3-pin mic male XLR connectors, accommodating microphones in professional setups.
  • Optimal Length: The 1.5m XLR cord provides flexibility and convenience for audio connections.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various applications, ensuring compatibility with different audio equipment.

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