MX 3 pin XLR Female to Single RCA male cord : Fully metal connector : AES Digital cable MX 3939

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This cables are great for connecting line outputs from mixing consoles, microphones, to recorders and amplifiers. It can also be used to connect mics to audio equipment and home theater components. Use it to connect between XLR and RCA connections or anywhere you need to adapt from a female XLR to RCA connection.



  • XLR male to RCA Male Patch Cable, Ideal for connects audio devices with the XLR audio port to AV receiver, amplifier, Hi Fi stereo audio system, home theater system, computer sound, recording equipment, speaker, TV, CD, DVD, mixing console, and more.
  • The XLR to RCA cable connectors allow you to use the RCA audio cable with any standard stereo left/right output giving you crystal clear stereo sound and Hi-Fi audio for your home stereo or theater system.
  • OFC AES Digital Wire, High Density Shielding and Al-foil Shielded to Prevent EMI/RFI Interference ensuring the highest quality audio transfer without static, or popping.
  • HIGH-QUALITY SOUND: No need to worry about interrupted sound, static or loss of quality during an important gig because this speaker cable is made with highly durable construction and delivers premium performance without noise, static, or buzzing
  • MADE TO LAST: This cable wire is made with heavy duty construction and performs well every time and can withstand harsh conditions. It also ensures signal clarity and sonic integrity with minimal signal loss over longer distances
  • Connectors: XLR male Connectors on one end, RCA Male Connectors on the other end. Easy to organize.
  • Flexible PVC Jacket, Top quality and made by environment-friendly material, Nickel-plated Connectors Provide Reliable Contact, Rubber Strain Relief For Extended Durability

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