MX DC SOCKET FOR MX 28 & 1023 PLUG MX 2406

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MX DC sockets are used for connecting DC operated devices to the DC supply. DC sockets are female electrical connectors that have holes which accept and deliver direct current to the prongs of inserted plugs. DC Sockets are designed to accept only matching plugs and reject all others.

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  • MX DC socket.
  • MX DC sockets can be used for MX -28 & MX-1023 plugs.
  • Smart design for connecting DC power to selected electronic devices.
  • MX DC sockets will provide safe operation to your electronics appliances.
  • MX DC sockets provides DC output supply.
  • MX DC sockets is versatile, secure and well established in the electronic industry.
  • MX DC sockets is easy to install.
  • MX DC sockets provides tight connection

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