MX Desktop Concile Power Outlet with 1 Universal Socket | 2 USB A Charger | 1 RJ-45 (CAT-6) | 1 HDMI MX 7014

MX Desktop Concile Power Outlet Provides a Non-Stop connectivity solution for conference tables, meeting room tables, desking tables, linear workstation, lab furniture, hotel rooms and educational furniture. Without the need of any additional carpentry, Desktop Socket is easy to install, accentuated with smart. Close the cover when you do not use it, dustproof. Noble, elegant and durable



  • Rated Voltage : 250V Single Phase
  • Rated Current : 6-13Amps (Max)
  • USB Charger : 2 Type A Ports 15 W (5V, 3.1Amps)
  • Material : Polycarbonate
  • Wiring: 3 X 1 mm Cable 1.8 meter with 6Amps Plug.
  • Standard Pack : USB Adaptor
  • Configuration : 1 Universal Sockets & 2 USB A Charger, 1 Cat 6 & 1 HDMI

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