MX Flip Type cable cubby pop up box with 2 Universal Power Sockets, 2 USB (Type A + Type C) 18W PD Charging Port, 1 LAN & 1 4K HDMI Port for Conference Table, hotel rooms, office meeting table, etc. for media streaming MX 7008

MX Power Cubby Flip type cable cubby with flap up allows the installation processes to be adapted quickly & simply. Easy power connection with shrouded screw terminals for power and feed-through multimedia connectivity. Up flap function gives convenience to open and close the panel. Aluminum alloy material, suitable for varieties of workstation & executive tables.



  • Rated Voltage: 250V ~Single phase
  • Rated Current: 6-13Amps (Max)
  • USB Charger: Type C + Type A – 18W PD
  • Material: Aluminum & Polycarbonate
  • Finish Colors: Silver / Black
  • Wiring: Screw-terminal & Feed-through Connectors
  • Product Dimensions: 285mm x 105mm x 60mm
  • Cutout Dimensions: 270mm x 72mm
  • Weight of Product: 970 grams

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