MX Pop Up Box/Cable Cubby/Extension Board with Switch 2 Universal Power Socket -13 Amp + 1 CAT 6 + USB C -30W + USB A-30W Cutout 156×50 MM MX 7015

Experience versatility with 2 Universal Sockets, ideal for global travel, paired with CAT 6 cable for seamless HD streaming. The USB C + USB A ports provide dual-device charging, supporting up to 30W for efficient power delivery. Perfect for home, office, or any space requiring reliable connectivity and charging solutions.


  • 2 Universal Socket: A Universal Socket is Compatible with a wide range of plugs from different countries Special Phosphor Copper Conductor and Nickel Coating Socket for Better Continuity.
  • CAT 6: CAT 6 cable is perfect for streaming high-definition video, online gaming, and other bandwidth-intensive tasks. The CAT 6 cable is built with advanced features that provide superior performance, including improved crosstalk and a better signal-to-noise ratio.
  • USB C +USB A – USB A and USB C port, allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously. With up to 30W charging support, our charger delivers fast and efficient charging for your devices. The USB A port is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered devices. The USB C port is designed to support newer devices that require USB C charging, including laptops and smartphones.
  • Popular Choice for Home Kitchen , Offices, Conference Room , Class Room , Seminar Room , Home Theater & Auditorium Requirements

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