MX Power Console 6 Amp 2 Universal Rotatable Sockets with 95W PD Charging Port Extension Board – Desk Clamp Mount – Master Switch For Home Office Exhibition School – 3 Pin Power Cord 1.5mtr MX 4205

MX Desk Clamp Mount can be used with all types of office and home electronics like computers, mobile phones, printers, monitors, device chargers, desk lamps, and various other small electronic appliances. Easy Power Access for Any Workstation. This Power Console comes with an easy clamp mount which makes it suitable for desks, workbenches, shelves, and tables. Perfect extension board for home and office.



  • MX Desktop Power Console has 2 Universal Rotatable Sockets of 6/13 Amps with Max Voltage :250V AC 50/60 Hz – Max Current :13 Amp, 0.75 sq. mm 10 Amp – 3 Pin ISI Marked Power Cord 1.5 Mtr
  • MX Desk Clamp Mount Power Console has 95W Fast Charging PD Port and 2 USB Charging Port : 5V – 2.4 Amp
  • MX Power Console comes with Dual Pole LED Indicator Switch
  • MX Desk Clamp Power Extension made from Aerospace Grade aluminum Body & Fire resistance Nylon glass filled Sockets
  • MX Power Console has Copper Contact with Nickel coating & Spring loaded Contact for Proper gripping of Plug

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