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MX soldering Iron (35 Watts, High Quality) is composed of a heated metal tip and an insulated handle. Heating is often achieved electrically, by passing an electrical current (supplied through an electrical cord) through the resistive material of A HEATING ELEMENT. A soldering iron is a TOOL normally used for applying heat to two or more adjoining metal parts such that solder may melt and flow between those parts, binding them securely, conductively and hermetically

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  • MX soldering Iron has Specially coated Copper bits (High Quality) for Longer Life.
  • MX soldering Iron has Special double layered cartridge type element transfer heat very efficiently directly to the bits.
  • MX soldering Iron has Iron reach soldering temperature within few seconds.
  • MX soldering Iron has Extremely low leakage current.
  • MX soldering Iron has Prolonged Life of heating Elements and Soldering Bits.
  • MX soldering Iron has Very light and heat resistant handles for comfortable use.
  • MX soldering Iron has Easy and speedy tip replacement
  • 35watts/230volts Soldering Iron
  • MX soldering Iron has Maximum Temperature: 380’C
  • MX soldering Iron has General purpose for all electronic applications.

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