MX Professional High-Performance 15″ Wooden Loudspeaker MX 715 15″

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The speaker series has been carefully designed from the ground up to ensure that all of the necessary components for a portable system will work together in the most efficient manner, not only providing increased performance levels but also reliability. These design improvements have extended also into the construction of the speakers, making them sturdier than ever and tough enough to handle the impacts incurred by road use. The SF series will satisfy the demand by professional users for a 3-way loudspeaker system that is light weight, portable and tough while also delivering superior sound quality. MX Audio Speakers high performance floor monitor also can be work as FOH speaker on the tripod stand along with subwoofer. The High frequencies waveguide cover precise coverage of sound spectrum. MX Audio Speakers enclosures are constructed with premium quality birch plywood and coated with rugged duraflex finish.


  • Compact and powerful Russian Plywood cabinet
  • Ferrite Woofer Driver
  • Pole mount socket for stand mount
  • Full range passive speaker
  • Attractive steel grill with acoustic form