MX RG-59/U CABLE 100% SHIELDED – 100 MTR MX 1972

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MX 100% shielded RG-59/U is a specific type of coaxial cable often used in low-power video and in RF connections. MX RG-58/U is 100% shielded cable so it gives protection from mixing of impure signal. MX RG-58/U will transfer loss less high quality signal for you.

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RG-59/U CABLE 100% SHIELDED 100 MTR (1/0.643*1C+AL+112# 0.12TC)*1C OD=6.0mm)

  • MX RG-59/U cable for your RF connection.
  • MX RG-59/U has three protection layers above main conductor wire; first is outer plastic cover second is inner copper shield and third is insulator cover.
  • MX RG-59/U is used for transmitting baseband video frequencies, such as composite video and also be used for broadcast frequencies.
  • MX RG-59/U cable has a characteristic impedance of 75 Ohms.
  • MX RG-59/U has black colored thick outer jacket for cable protection which will also extend its durability.
  • MX RG-59/U Outer Diameter is 6.0mm.
  • MX RG-59/U is available in 100 meter roll.
  • MX RG-59/U is durable.
  • MX RG-59/U is will provide safe and secure operation to your system

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