MX USB C Charger Type-C PD (5V/3A) & Triple USB Ports (5V 3.4A) Fast Charging Ports)- 5 in One usb c type adapter MX 4211

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Introducing the versatile MX USB C charger with Type-C & Triple-USB Output. This all-in-one adapter is your solution for seamless multi-tasking. With three USB ports and Type C PD Fast Smart Charging, it powers up your devices simultaneously. Simply plug it into any available outlet and connect your devices.

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  • USB C Charger & TRIPLE USB OUTPUT: Made to solve your daily multi-tasking needs, It boasts a Triple-port USB charger for replenishing the power of your device’s batteries simultaneously with Type C PD Fast Smart Charging.
  • POWER & PLUG: You can plug this into any available power outlet and then connect your device to the universal adapter. Please make sure your device carries an electrical converter when you travel to other countries with different electrical outputs.
  • SOCKETS & BODY MATERIAL: Built-in Fuse & Surge Protector. Special Phosphor Copper Conductor and Nickel Coating Socket for Better Continuity. 750°C PC Flame Retardant Material.
  • SPECIFICATION: Power Rating: 2500 W (250V, 10A max). Maximum Load: 10A; Input Voltage: 100-240Vac, 50/60 Hz; USB Output: 5V/3.4A (total max); USB Output: 5V/2.4A (Single Port); USB Type-C Output: 5V/3A. This Charger Adapter Plug Converts the Power Outlet Only; It Does Not Convert Electrical Output Current and Voltage.
  • CONVERSION PLUG: The MX Conversion Plug Supports your Smart Devices & gadgets like Mobile Chargers, Camera, Power Bank, Wireless Headphones, Television, Music Systems, Clothing Iron, Computer PCs, Laptop, Drill Machine, Juicer Mixer Grinder, Chargers, etc. and all Types of Smart Devices

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